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Our mission is to assist our clients in celebrating one year of continuous sobriety.

Recovery is more than abstinence – it is a lifestyle. Our in vivo treatment approach allows clients to experience both the joys and the struggles that real life has to offer, knowing that we are right here to walk with them as they learn, grow, and solidify their recovery.We do not prolong an artificially thick bubble or excessively restrict real life exposure, as this approach would limit our clients’ ability to transform their lives in a truly sustainable way. This is real recovery. In real life.

Treatment Programs

Northbound Treatment Services’ intensive
treatment is designed to meet the
unique needs of any individual.

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Dual Diagnosis / Co-occurring

Our clinicians and therapists are experienced
in the treatment of individuals
with co-occurring disorders

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Our facilities offer a cozy residential
environment. Clients will call it
“home” during their stay.

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To The Family

We are here for you, and we want to help.
The first step is to pick up the phone
and tell us what is going on.

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Experienced intake coordinators will guide
you or your loved one through
the admissions process.

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Alumni actively participate in their
recovery! We give our alumni every
chance to stay in touch!

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mike-neathertonTransformational leadership with over 150 years of collective experience

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  • Amanda

    Before I came to Northbound I was a slave to drugs and alcohol. Not a day went by that I was not doing something that would compromise my morals.

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  • Danielle

    It is just embarrassing to go to your parents and tell them you are a heroin addict. I lived this double life and nobody at the time knew that I was on drugs.

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  • Chris

    At the time, it (Northbound) wasn’t the happiest place to be for me, but looking back, it has been a completely beneficial experience that I am more than pleased with.

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  • Alex

    For once in my life I got honest with a couple of individuals, and with that, I grew tremendously

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