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Recovery is more than abstinence – it is a lifestyle. Our in vivo treatment approach allows clients to experience both the joys and the struggles that real life has to offer, knowing that we are right here to walk with them as they learn, grow, and solidify their recovery. We do not prolong an artificially thick bubble or excessively restrict real life exposure, as this approach would limit our clients’ ability to transform their lives in a truly sustainable way. This is real recovery. In real life.

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For once in my life I got honest with a couple of individuals, and with that, I grew tremendously


At the time, it (Northbound) wasn’t the happiest place to be for me, but looking back, it has been a completely beneficial experience that I am more than pleased with.


I am very happy that I came here – it saved my life. I always wanted to get clean, but never had the motivation. Northbound somehow gave me the motivation


I found my life here. I was going nowhere fast and Northbound gave me my life back.


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Northbound Treatment Services is a nationally recognized, private, residential alcohol and drug treatment program located in Newport Beach, CA with an Intensive Outpatient and Continuing Care Program in St. Louis, MO. Our clients are challenged, encouraged, and supported in moving beyond the confines of traditional treatment so that they may transition seamlessly into their newfound sober lives. We are committed to assisting them in reaching one year of continuous sobriety. And a thriving recovery demands more than sobriety. We walk with our clients as they learn to truly thrive in life and in recovery.

Our extended continuum of care, from detox to residential to intensive outpatient to support, allows clients to gradually build a new lifestyle, develop new habits, enhance their character and redefine their identity. Our Collegebound and Careerbound programs, in addition to our overall focus on mindful and measured communal integration, empower clients to develop self-efficacy and meaningfully reengage with the world around them.

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Comfortable homelike living environment

Access to nearby beaches

Private and semi-private rooms

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I can tell you this first-hand that this program is life changing

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Michael Neatherton


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