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CARF NorthboundWe’ve seen it all, we’ve heard it all, we understand what it takes to realize a sober life and our sole purpose is to guide you there. One of the overarching goals at Northbound Treatment Services is guiding our clients to a powerful sober life they will love living. We’ve designed a comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment center that launches our clients into a sober, healthy and productive new found life.

Our staff-to-client ratio is an outstanding 1:1, which means our ability to lay the foundation for long-term recovery is nearly unmatched elsewhere. Stop living in addiction and start living in recovery. Our client-centric service model equips our graduates with the tools needed to reenter the outside world and maintain a foundation in recovery.

Northbound Treatment Services has created a peaceful, safe space where real transformation can take place. Recovery is not realized in a bubble so our residential platform in Orange County allows individuals to fully immerse in the work of recovery while maintaining authentic connection to what is going on in real life.

We’re focused on bringing meaning, purpose and respect to the life of a newly sober individual. Our intensive treatment programs are personalized and gender-specific. The programs include a 12-Step foundation accompanied by focused attention on underlying issues and triggers unique to each individual.

The Northbound model of care sets us apart from other treatment programs. We offer our clients a new way of life. Our graduates enter the world prepared and equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to live a sober, product, and successful life.


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