What to Bring / FAQs

What to Bring to Treatment

We recommend that all of our clients pack as if they are going on a two to three week vacation. The climate in Southern California is mild, with a year round temperature averaging approximately 65-75 degrees. Those admitted to our program are encouraged to leave any valuables behind and focus only packing essentials.

A few items you might find useful include: a light jacket, sweaters or sweatshirts, jeans or other comfortable pants, shorts, gym clothing (a bag or backpack for gym clothing may also be helpful), socks (several pairs), underwear, bathroom items (e.g. a blow dryer, soap, razors, shampoo, toothpaste, etc.), sandals, sneakers/tennis shoes, pajamas, a robe, slippers and an iPod/walkman.

Please do not bring large stereos, desktop computers, alcohol based products, medications not prescribed by a doctor, furniture or other large items.

Finally, please note that all laptops and other electronic devices must be approved by our director of admissions.

What does Northbound provide in the residences?

Coming to treatmentAll of our residences are fully equipped with working telephones, cable TV, internet, comfortable furniture, cooking appliances and utensils, washers and dryers and spacious living accommodations. Upon taking residence in a facility, every resident is given bed linens, a comforter, pillows, laundry baskets, hangers, a key to the house (unless he/she is still in the primary treatment phase), a Big Book and other recovery related reading materials, and a client handbook

What is Money on the Books (MOB)?

Money on the Books refers to funds for personal expenses that are not included in Northbound’s treatment fees. Typically, clients and their families place at least $3,000 “on the books” to cover personal expenses during a 90 day residential program. It is suggested (and expected) that residents put at least $1,500 on the books upon admittance to the program.

Some examples of what MOB funds are used for include:

  • Medications
  • A weekly allowance
  • Activity fees
  • Outside doctor appointments
  • Additional clothing needed during the treatment episode
  • Extra therapy sessions
  • Haircuts
  • Detoxification fees

Are residents allowed to have visitors?

Visitors are allowed only when approved by the clinical team. In general, visitation is restricted in the first 30 days of treatment. Visiting hours are on Sundays from 12-4PM.

What is the computer policy?

Laptops are the only computers allowed at Northbound Treatment Services and must be approved by the clinical team. For the most part, computers are not permitted until the client enters Phase II of treatment or NTSA. Northbound maintains working desktop computers at our clinical offices for the use of our residents.

Are residents allowed to make phone calls?

During primary care, Northbound enforces phone restrictions for the health and success of our client’s recovery plans. Each residence is equipped with a house phone that only allows local calls.

What are the weekly activities?

At Northbound, we believe that individuals in recovery should be provided with opportunities to have fun and enjoy life while in treatment. In pursuit of that goal, we coordinate healthy, fun activities for our residents every Saturday. Activities include museum visits, a day at the beach, sporting events, softball tournaments, amusement parks and other exciting events.

What to bring to treatment

What is a pass?

A pass is an overnight stay outside of the Northbound residential facility. Clients are only allowed a pass after the successful completion of our 30 day program or another primary care program. Passes are only allowed for therapeutic reasons and must be submitted to the clinical team for approval. Residents are allowed 2 passes in Phase II and III of the program. While on pass, residents are still required to attend meetings and must check in with staff if the pass is for more than one night.

What is a deviation?

A deviation occurs when a resident attends a meeting not on his or her schedule or misses a scheduled meeting or group. Deviations are only allowed after successful completion of a 30 day primary program. Usually, deviations are used to attend an outside meeting with a sponsor in the local 12-step community in lieu of attending the client’s regular NTS meeting.

Where should my family send mail?

All correspondence with current NTS residents is mailed to:

Care of: 4343 Von Karman
Suite 100
Newport Beach, California 92660

What is Northbound’s policy regarding insurance?

We accept insurance upfront as payment on a case-by-case basis. Northbound will bill your insurance company for reimbursement. All residents are reminded to bring their insurance cards for submission to the pharmacy for medication coverage and to trigger insurance benefits for treatment. Please remember that we do not guarantee dollar amounts from insurance providers.