Alcohol Rehab

Northbound’s Alcohol Rehab Program can help the victim of alcohol addiction overcome his or her dependency and start a new and healthier life.

“I woke up in a house I didn’t recognize, surrounded by people I didn’t know. That’s when I knew I needed help”

For the alcoholic, the road to addiction is a long, dark path littered with negative social consequences, an altered mental state, and a life that spins slowly out of control. At Northbound Treatment Services, we understand that alcoholism is a disease with physical and mental consequences. And because alcohol is a socially acceptable (even popular) drug, we know how easy it can be to slide into alcohol abuse and how difficult it can be to recognize that one has a problem.

Because alcohol use is so common, and its side effects can even be the subject of comedy, few people understand exactly how harmful alcohol abuse can be. Alcoholics frequently experience blackouts and even alcohol dementia, losing hours or days to their addiction. Nor is it only time and memory that are lost to alcoholism—liver damage and brain damage can also occur with prolonged abuse. The alcoholic seeks only the next drink or next buzz, but this doesn’t need to be the case. There is hope. With the help of Northbound’s Alcohol Rehab, we can help the victim of alcohol addiction overcome his or her dependency and start a new and healthier life.

Changes Are Coming

At Northbound, our innovative counseling and treatment approach guarantee that the client’s needs are addressed specifically and individually. At our alcohol rehab located along the beautiful California coast line, we help our clients overcome their addiction in a comforting and serene environment. Through a customized treatment plan that utilizes 12 step principles and takes into account any co-occuring mental disorders, we help our clients learn to live without alcohol and how to avoid triggers for their addiction. We recognize that clients will encounter such triggers in the real world and we prepare them to live sober by exposing them to circumstances where they would turn to alcohol and teaching them the coping methods they need to overcome that temptation.

Treatment at Northbound

Often, our clients come to us requiring detoxification and stabilization before they can enter the treatment and recovery process. Northbound’s oneEighty program features a highly-successful alcohol detox center, where clients will have 24 hour medical supervision while they undergo the critical stage of eliminating all toxic substances from their system.

At Northbound, we know that the primary phase of treatment (the first 30 days) is the most important, and we have created a program that includes intensive counseling and classes that will set the client on the right track for a successful recovery. When a new client is admitted to our facility, we assess their needs and put together an individualized treatment plan designed to help them make a permanent and healthy life change. We offer gender specific programs along with specialized therapies (such as experiential therapy and equine therapy) to help every client feel safe, comfortable and ready to participate in their recovery and begin the healing process. With the help of our experienced and skilled staff, clients have the opportunity to overcome their addiction and live a healthy, sober life, free from the need for alcohol.