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The time at Northbound is life-altering, but the journey doesn’t end when our clients leave. And neither do the relationships and tight bonds they make while they are here.

The Northbound Alumni Association is a dynamic and vibrant organization created to establish and maintain a bridge between Northbound, our alumni and their families. The Alumni Association shares the same goals and mission as Northbound, and coordinates with Northbound Treatment Services in planning alumni activities. Moreover, the Alumni Association works tirelessly to develop a strong and committed support system for former clients, those still completing therapy programs and our clients’ families. In this way, the Association is able to build a sense of pride among the entire Northbound Treatment Services family.

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The Alumni Association hosts a number of weekly, monthly and quarterly events. There is a weekly dinner and 12-step meeting at The Behr Center. This is a great opportunity to enjoy a free meal and check-in with fellow alums. Alumni who choose to participate in this weekly event have the opportunity to improve their local support structure and build great friendships. This meeting is also a great place to recognize Sober Birthdays and other milestones, further building a community of support for all Northbound alums.

The active and healthy lifestyle that is such a strong part of Northbound’s experiential treatment model is also repeated in our alumni activities. To promote fellowship, friendship and fun the Northbound Alumni field a Sober Softball Team in Orange County and, on a monthly basis, the Northbound Alumni Association offers Sober Sailing as well.

On a quarterly basis, Northbound hosts an “Alumni Dinner and Speaker Meeting.” This is a great chance to enjoy both inspiring words and great food, with a menu that ranges from grilled New York strips and mashed potatoes to roasted chicken with vegetables and always includes a delectable dessert. Following the meal, a panel of Northbound alumni speak, sharing both their experiences and strength.

Alumni, staff, family and current clients are invited to these quarterly dinners and have an opportunity to interact with each other. Round tables are used and we encourage a mix of alumni, staff and clients at each table so that the experience is both a celebration of our alumni’s success and a positive moment for those currently in recovery. It is a powerful experience for current clients to interact with alums, see that there is hope, and watch the alumni celebrate their sobriety.

Northbound also hosts various speakers and guest lecturers throughout the year, usually during the family program, which all alumni are encouraged to attend.

When clients are discharged from Northbound and have completed their experiential therapy, the support system of Northbound Treatment Services and our Alumni Association stays with them. From interactions with alumni while still in treatment to follow up calls after discharge and participation in alumni events, the Alumni Association plays an important role in treatment and recovery and speaks directly to our mission of helping our clients reach one year of continuous sobriety.

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