Orange County Detox Center

There are dozens of Orange County Detox Centers, however Northbound Treatment Services stands above the rest in terms of providing the best clinical and comprehensive care possible. We understand that the process of detoxification can be the very thing that prevents you from attending treatment, but we can assure you that our diverse program can meet every one of your unique needs in ways that promote your continual sobriety.

Northbound remains one of the top-rated Orange County detox as we have numerous methods of care put in place to help both you and your family recovery from chemical dependency. At our detox center in Orange County we have nationally recognized clinicians on staff, practice the 12-Step model, utilize unique outpatient treatment options and of course, have a medically assisted and professional detox center on site.

Even though the detox process can be challenging, we are hopeful that with our help, you can succeed at our detox center in Orange County. Not only do we partner directly with you, but also include your family in your treatment so they can aid in your recovery as well. At our detox center in Orange County, we value the support that can come from the family, and will encourage you to allow them to become a strong source of support in your recovery.

At Northbound, not only will we incorporate your family into your detox as well as provide you with a highly trained staff, but we will also begin showing you how to improve your overall lifestyle to not just support your detox, but also your future sobriety. We do this by exposing you to the many benefits of a healthy life, such as a proper diet and exercise routine, plenty of rest, and participating in stimulation activities during your stay at our Orange County detox.

It always has been and still remains our main goal to provide you with top-of-the line care at our detox center in Orange County. Since chemical dependency can be both physically and psychologically damaging, we are prepared to help you recover both mentally and physically at our detox center in Orange County. Without your participation at our detox center, it is likely that you will continue to abuse substances in ways that not only negatively impact you, but also those around you.