Drug Rehab

At Northbound we understand the complexities of a narcotics addiction. We know first-hand how powerful the struggle with addiction can be.

Choosing A Drug Rehab Center

At Northbound Treatment Services, we have a comprehensive and clinical program that can provide you with the best drug rehab possible. We know it can be challenging finding a the best drug rehab centers that are right for you, as there are numerous different things to look for when deciding on the best drug rehab centers. This is why we pride ourselves on offering a variety of different treatments and therapies that can help you finally achieve your goal of obtaining full-fledged sobriety.

We understand that there are likely a handful of different things that you are looking for when trying to find the best drug rehab centers that can meet your needs, such as location of the program, what therapies are used, what amenities are offered, what the detox program is like and more. At Northbound, we have developed a dynamic program that can meet all of your drug rehab needs.

At Northbound, we focus on getting to the root of your drug abuse by working side-by-side with you to help you through your detox and drug rehab. We do this by not only providing you with the best opportunity to heal amongst your own gender in our gender specific drug rehab program, but through the chance to participate in specific therapies such as experiential and behavioral therapies that will improve your success at drug rehab. In addition to helping you succeed through drug rehab by addressing your substance abuse issues, we also work directly with you to uncover any mental health issues that could be fueling your continued drug abuse.

Detox and Treatment

The majority of those who enter Northbound Treatment Services for addiction to narcotics begin by undergoing detox in our specialized detoxification and stabilization program. In this safe and comforting environment, patients are able to receive the care they need during the difficult withdrawal period.

Narcotics AddictionAt Northbound, we recognize that everyone who has the courage to come to our facility and start a new life has their own particular needs and challenges. That’s why our skilled staff creates an individualized treatment plan for every client that will give him or her tools they need to achieve long-term sobriety. We specialize in dual diagnosis and are able to simultaneously treat the addiction and any co-occurring mental illness. What’s more, because many clients who come to us for help with abuse of narcotics also may be experiencing difficulties with the law, our experienced staff is able to help resolve those issues, allowing the client a chance at a true “new start”.
If you or someone you love is suffering from an addiction to narcotics, don’t wait. Call Northbound today and get the help you need for a real change to a healthy and sober life.

Northbound Difference

We understand that by coming to Northbound, that there are numerous things back at home that you have had to put on hold, such as a job or schooling. At our drug rehab center, we can afford you the ability to continue with your education at Northbound Academy, our year-round academic program, as well as through our college treatment program.

In addition to the many services that you are looking into when finding the best drug rehab centers, we understand that your accommodations are important to you as well. At our Newport Beach location, we provide you with fully furnished living accommodations that sit right on the edge of California’s infamous Newport Beach. It is within this environment that we partner with you to develop the skills needed to overcome your active drug abuse and begin working towards a life filled with positive choices and healthy, sober living.

While we know how difficult it can be to find the best drug rehab centers that meet your unique needs, we also understand that the therapies and treatments offered at our drug rehab center can help you finally stop using and start living. We want to champion your successes and help you transform into the person that you have always wanted to be. By contacting us today, we can help you cut down on your search to find the best drug rehab centers by getting you involved in our dynamic, clinical, and caring program.

At Northbound we continuously strive to be one of the Best Drug Rehab Centers throughout America, and the only way we can accomplish such a feat is through our dedication and devotion in the success of our patients. So please, don’t let another moment pass where your drug addiction continuously affect your life in a negative manner. Give us a call or better yet, come visit our drug rehab facility, and see for yourself why we’re rated as one of the Best Drug Rehab Centers in the nation.