NTS Detox Facility

Northbound Treatment Services offers detoxification services to those clients who are coming into our Primary Phase of Treatment through our oneEIGHTY program at the Joshue House. We understand that going through the physical detox process can be quite challenging. Our goal is to provide a very warm and home like environment. 18th Street is a beautiful home with comfortable aesthetics to assist each person as they begin their journey to recovery.

The Northbound Difference

Staffed by professionals experienced in all aspects of addiction treatment and recovery, Northbound Treatment Services offers aid to clients beyond the initial phase at our detox facilities.  Northbound addiction recovery programs are divided into three phases.  Phase I, a 30-day inpatient program for drug and alcohol recovery and treatment, is the most intensive.  Phases II & III are also 30 days each; these two phases make up the Northbound CORE program, intended to allow the client to make further progress on the road toward full recovery.

All drug and alcohol treatment programs at Northbound are designed to meet the individual needs of the client.  To this end, Northbound provides a wide range of services to promote drug and alcohol recovery.  After the initial phase at one of our detox facilities, such as our 18th Street residence, clients have several choices available to them.  College-age clients may elect to enter the Academy, which combines college courses with drug and alcohol treatment to allow them to ease into the college experience.  In addition, Northbound offers the LINKS program for Christians who seek a Bible-based recovery curriculum.

The mission at Northbound Treatment Services is to assist our clients in celebrating one full year of continuous sobriety.  We maintain a Transitional Program for clients who have passed our extended care program and hope to return to their careers.  Northbound also has a widely heralded outpatient treatment program for clients in the Orange County, California, area.

The first step on the journey to sobriety is to call Northbound Treatment Services at (866) 401-2030.  Calls are answered 24 hours a day, and we will arrange for a trained professional to interview you for a formal clinical assessment.

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