Men’s Rehab Program

Drug rehab for men, alcohol rehab for men

Our men’s rehab program promotes a healthy and productive recovery experience by offering a warm, positive and dynamic environment for developing sobriety

Northbound’s treatment philosophy embraces the individuality of all of its clients and seeks to provide a safe and comfortable place for them to express and process their emotions as they work towards sobriety.

Our mens rehab program promotes a healthy and productive recovery experience by offering a warm, positive and dynamic environment for developing sobriety. Men learn how to manage the issues that are unique to their experience while building the support system necessary to maintain abstinence from unhealthy behaviors.

We’ve found that greater success in long term sobriety and abstinence often accompanies participation in the local recovery community, which not only provides a network of support, but also a foundation for personal growth. Our goal is to provide the ideal living situation for our clients, giving them the best chance to maintain a clean and sober lifestyle after they leave our program.

The Northbound Men’s CORE Program includes:

  • Accountability
  • Healthy confrontation
  • Learning respect
  • Sober fellowship
  • Trust
  • A safe environment

men's rehab centersFor every client, Northbound creates a customized treatment plan based on a model that is holistic, research based and proven to effectively disrupt the cycle of addiction by embracing the 12-step principles. Our treatment plan seeks to heal the whole person, body, mind and spirit. We recognize that while clinical interventions are crucial to the early recovery process, long-term sobriety for men comes from a commitment to a 12-step program and overall well-being.

One of the benefits of our gender specific programs is the way in which we are able to anticipate and address the common challenges that our clients face in recovery in a safe and nurturing environment. For example, it is very common for men in early recovery to suffer from depression. Our Men’s CORE program lifts that depression through counseling, peer support, exercise and healthy eating. Later in recovery many participants come to realize how difficult (if not impossible) it was to feel good while living on donuts, hamburgers and gallons of soda.

Effectively dealing with depression and its causes is just one aspect of the way in which Northbound seeks to heal the mind, body, and spirit. During stabilization, each of the men in our program is given a thorough assessment that is used in the creation of his individualized treatment plan. Routines are established and men develop connections with other clients and therapeutic alliances with our highly trained staff. The experienced and compassionate clinical staff constructs a map for each client’s unique process of recovery. This client-centered approach creates the space and direction needed to truly begin healing.

Northbound’s Men’s CORE program involves much more than simply sitting in a circle and talking. It includes specific therapy, therapeutic education, peer support groups and learning relaxation techniques, all of which help the client become more comfortable in his surroundings and being to actively participate in his recovery. Because we recognize that healthy eating is essential to feeling better, which is in turn one of the keys to lasting recovery, clients receive instruction and support on nutrition as well. As part of our life skills instruction, clients learn how to include the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals in their diet.

All the while, clients will be learning, growing and living in our beautiful and luxurious facilities, which provide a calming and serene environment that encourages healing and self-discovery.

Northbound’s stabilization standards and phase goals were developed by experienced clinicians to ensure a level of care that exceeds treatment standards. In the early phase of recovery, clients begin to gain control of their thoughts and feelings and develop a sense of self. The stabilization phase of treatment also provides hope and understanding to the client’s family and friends. As all involved begin to better understand mood disorders and mental illness, the path to recovery becomes clearer. Stabilization sows the seeds for permanent recovery through personal growth as our clients and their families now have hope for a brighter future and a healthy, sober life.

For more information about our Men’s CORE Program, contact us toll-free for help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.