Women’s Rehab Program

Our women’s drug and alcohol treatment provides a warm environment that includes gender-specific housing and therapy.

At Northbound, we strive to meet the individualized needs of each of our clients, providing a serene and comfortable space for spiritual and emotional growth. In order to provide the best environment for recovery, we have created gender specific programming that allows women to experience treatment in safe and nurturing surroundings.

Northbound’s Women’s CORE drug and alcohol treatment fosters learning from the experiences of other women in a secure setting. Our female-only group counseling and peer recovery provides a warm environment that includes gender-specific housing and therapy. And the single-gender format allows us to address issues such as trauma, grief, sexual abuse and body image sensitively and appropriately.

There are many reasons to enroll in gender specific treatment, including:

  • Safety
  • Trust
  • Security
  • Sensitivity (issues can be discussed that may be overlooked in multi-gender groups)
  • Distraction free
  • Peer support

According the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), women and men not only experience different treatment outcomes, but also require different intervention, prevention and treatment approaches. At Northbound, our staff takes the NIDA findings into account as we formulate the best possible individual plan to help each of our clients. We offer gender-specific drug and alcohol treatment, working with our clients to help them recover from addiction and deal with any co-occurring disorders. Northbound’s gender specific programs are designed to help our clients understand the spiritual factors as well as the physical and psychological issues surrounding addiction.

women's addiction treatment centerWe recognize that men and women have different pressures when it comes to seeking treatment. It may be easier for a man to enroll in addiction treatment, even if it means leaving work and family behind. Women, on the other hand, are subtly discouraged from seeking treatment because of their daily responsibilities at work and at home with children. Our women’s drug and alcohol treatment program and therapies take into account these differences and help participants draw strength from shared peer experiences.

Women seeking treatment for chemical dependency are better served when they can focus on their treatment goals without distractions from the opposite sex. Our gender-specific programming and housing help limit distractions and ensure that the patient’s focus is where it should be—on recovery.

Our clinicians have found that women in recovery share certain common issues, especially trauma. In response, our women’s group therapy has become an important tool in helping our patients deal with the psychological effects of trauma. Whether the trauma stems from emotional, physical or sexual abuse, the combination of focused therapeutic goals and our safe and secure setting helps women begin the process of healing.

At Northbound, our Women’s CORE program is designed to give our female clients the best chance for a successful long term recovery. For more information about our gender-specific programs, contact us toll-free for help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.