School Program

Northbound Treatment Services is proud to offer one of the most innovative and effective treatment modalities available.

Substance abuse and dependency has already done too much to derail your loved one’s schooling. Part of a healthy recovery should include getting his or her education back on track.

Northbound Treatment Services is proud to offer one of the most innovative and effective treatment modalities available: Northbound Academy (NTSA) School Program. The program combines a specially designed education plan with addiction treatment and is specifically designed for the young adult desiring to start, continue or re-enter the collegiate environment.

The Northbound Academy was designed by Paul Alexander, widely considered to be a leading expert in the field of addiction treatment coupled with higher learning and education. With over a decade of experience in his field, Mr. Alexander has created several other collegiate programs in the area, including the TEACH Program at Sober Living by The Sea and the Morningside Academic Institute at Morningside Recovery.

college soberThe blueprint for combining addiction treatment with higher education was created in 1998 with the development of the first college program within a treatment facility. At the time, the treatment community balked at the idea of putting young adults in college classes while they were still in treatment for addiction. To the surprise of many, the model proved to be more successful than the traditional “treatment only” approach. The success of this unique treatment model is due to its practical application of Motivational Enhancement Therapy and an educational counseling approach.

Paul Alexander has run numerous education based treatment programs and conducted research at the University of California Irvine on the success of his College Coupled with Addiction Treatment modality.

How Many Classes Can The Client Take?

Because clients in the Northbound Academy program continue to fully participate in an individualized addiction treatment plan, it is generally recommended that clients take no more than three classes per semester.

How Long Do Clients Stay In The Northbound Academy (NTSA)?

The length of the stay at Northbound Academy depends greatly on the client and his or her needs and resources. Some clients stay for as little as a single semester, just to get back on firm academic footing before leaving treatment. However, others participate in the program for as much as a year or more.

Can Clients Enter the Northbound Academy Program At Any Time?

Yes. There are many admission windows for new Northbound Academy students throughout the academic year. We usually suggest that clients enter a Northbound treatment program at least two weeks prior to start of a new school session. Clients who enter the program prior to the beginning of a new semester simply participate in the individualized addiction treatment program at Northbound until classes begin.

Is Financial Assistance Provided for The Northbound Academy College Programs?

Yes. Northbound is proud to provide financial assistance for its sober college program: The Northbound Academy. More information on your financing and payment options can be found on our financial assistance for drug treatment page.

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