Academic Recovery Services

Northbound Academy provides on-site strategic academic assistance for students in recovery

For those who are suffering from a disrupted or derailed education as they enter Northbound, our academic recovery services are designed to get them back on track with an individually customized plan that takes into account their needs, strengths, and career aspirations.

What We Offer:

Northbound Academy provides on-site strategic academic assistance for students in recovery that includes:

  • Initial comprehensive academic assessment
  • Transcript collection and review
  • Evaluation of academic records
  • Academic planning
  • College search and discovery
  • Assistance with the application process
  • Standardized test preparation and registration
  • Course registration
  • Campus tours
  • Communication with advising team at academic institution
  • Assistance in any re-application process
  • Credit recovery to address academic probation, leave of absence and dismissals
  • Introduction to collegiate recovery communities

How It Works:

academic recovery servicesYour loved one will meet for a complimentary initial academic assessment. In this meeting, the advisor will collect a complete academic history that includes a compilation of any and all available transcripts. During this process, the advisor will develop a strategic academic plan for the client.

Following the initial evaluation, the advisor will make recommendations to the client’s clinical team and build an academic plan that will support long-term recovery. Clients will continue to meet with their academic advisor on an ongoing basis in pursuit of their academic goal. (At Northbound, every student has the goal of starting, continuing, or re-entering the collegiate environment.)

However, it should be noted that our team of educational experts recognizes that college is not the right choice for every client. Therefore, during the academic planning process, our team will evaluate those students who would benefit from alternative educational tracks, including vocational training and certification programs. This unique blend of program services provides each client with the opportunity to reach his or her educational goals and fosters hope on the road to recovery.