College Treatment Program

Our college treatment program in the Northbound Academy emphasizes balancing sobriety with higher educational endeavors.

Northbound Treatment Services excels in helping young adults recover from chemical dependency while putting them on track to complete their career and educational goals. To that end, we offer a specialized college treatment program through the Northbound Academy. College treatment in the Northbound Academy emphasizes balancing sobriety with higher educational endeavors. The program combines the structure of a high quality drug and alcohol treatment program with college classes. This unique combination has proven to be more beneficial and successful for our clients than drug and alcohol treatment alone.

College while in rehab, Sober collegeOur residential school program provides students with the necessary structure and time to internalize positive change and succeed in college, graduate school or trade school. Our school treatment program can last from one semester to a full year, allowing time for each client to experience the benefits of a structured educational community. That structure is key to success in both recovery and educational attainment. We have found that residing in one of the Northbound Treatment Facilities while attending school fosters personal growth, disciplined living, academic success and teaches clients the value of balancing their recovery with their education.

In addition, our college treatment program encourages family involvement and seeks to keep parents involved and informed. We invite all parents to participate in our monthly family program to help build mutually respectful and responsible relationships with their loved ones


For those who are moved to help others overcome drug and alcohol dependency, Northbound also offers the necessary education and training to become a drug and alcohol counselor. The specially-designed classes are offered online and students complete their studies under staff supervision and guidance while in the Northbound Academy.

When clients decide to enroll in our drug and alcohol counselor training track, not only do they receive an education that will help them become licensed addiction treatment professionals, but they also obtain a greater understanding of their own addiction. The drug and alcohol counselor training track is similar to getting college credit for treatment.

Northbound is able to offer our counselor training classes through an accredited online distance learning institution. The entire track consists of 39 Classes and equals approximately 272 college credits/units. Students who enroll in this track may not be able to complete all of the classes during one semester in the Northbound Academy, but, given time, many have successfully achieved the goal of completing the course. Once the student has completed the required education and their internship hours, he or she is qualified to take the California State Licensing Exam to become a licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor and work in addiction treatment. While the program is designed to meet the licensing requirements for California, the education a student will receive in this track also meets licensing board requirements for many other states across the country.