College Classes in Sobriety

going to classes while in rehab

The Northbound Academy offers a variety of college classes through local community colleges, universities, and trade schools.

For the student at Northbound, the recovery period is a time of learning and discovery, both about one’s self and in the furtherance of one’s education. The Northbound Academy offers a variety of college classes in sobriety through local community colleges, universities, and trade schools. Because we want our clients to fulfill their educational and career goals, we strive to ensure that they have a wide range of options. Therefore, students can take any class the Director of Education feels would fit into their academic and/or career plan. Most students take classes that will apply towards their Associates or Bachelor’s degrees. Other students take classes for professional development. In addition, some choose other ways to brush up on life or professional skills, such as classes on computer skills class or how to operate a small business.

We do our best to group our students in the same classes, provided they need the class for graduation. For example, if we have four students who need to take Psychology 101, then we will place all four clients in the same psychology class. If one client needs psychology and another needs a science class, then we will register them in classes that occur at roughly the same time. This helps facilitate treatment schedules, tutoring times, and group activities.

How Many Classes Can I Take While in the Northbound Academy Program?

going to classes while in rehabWe often suggest that clients take no more than three classes per semester while they are participating in the Northbound Academy program. Clients must be in treatment at Northbound throughout the duration of their studies. We do not allow clients in treatment at Northbound to enroll in classes if they are planning on leaving or discharging from the facility before their classes are complete. Unfortunately, we have seen too many students get off to a great start, then finish poorly when trying to complete their studies outside of the treatment program.

Balancing sobriety and academics is a difficult task for anyone, let alone someone early in recovery, and we believe that success requires a commitment to remain in treatment at Northbound and Northbound Academy through the duration of one’s classes. This does mean that clients who wish to enter Northbound Academy will have to extend their stay at Northbound.

We recognize that Northbound Academy can be challenging for our students, but we believe that through that challenge comes success and a new sense of self. If you have any questions about the length of the upcoming Northbound Academy session, please feel free to call us at anytime. We will be happy to provide you with a list of suggested classes, start and end dates, and prices.