For Educational Consultants

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Northbound Treatment Services is experienced in working with Educational Consultants to help our clients forge a new and promising future.

As part of our continued commitment to helping our clients forge a new and promising future, Northbound Treatment Services is experienced in working with Educational Consultants. In fact, we often receive referral from Educational Consultants for clients who have graduated from therapeutic boarding schools, wilderness programs or who simply need a clinically-structured program to help with their academic planning and success.

In partnership with the educational consultants, Northbound works to ensure the success of the client, meeting the requests and needs of the consultant and providing counseling and education for families to help them along in the educational and addiction treatment process. The Northbound Academy, located in Orange County, California, can help facilitate a student transfer from one institution to another as well as help high school graduates get started in their college careers.

Educational consultant partnerships

It is not uncommon for clients to come directly to Northbound Academy from a therapeutic boarding school, primary treatment program, or wilderness program. This has proven to be a seamless transition for clients in need of an extended care environment. Through the high-quality counseling and facilities available at Northbound Academy, we strive to make the transition from high school to college as effortless as possible. We take into account every client’s academic goals and meet their individual academic needs. Moreover, Northbound also helps first time college students navigate the challenging and often complicated college experience.

Who Is Appropriate?

  • Students who have been to previous colleges or Universities, and had difficulty succeeding.
  • Students who need their GED or High School Diploma
  • Students with a history of psychological disorders
  • Students with a history of learning disabilities
  • Students with a history of substance abuse or dependency

If you are an Educational Consultant and want to learn more about Northbound and our facility, please feel free to contact us for more information about our therapeutic college academy.

What is an Educational Consultant?

Educational Consultants help families find the right school or college for their children. They often specialize in helping troubled teens and young adults find treatment and therapeutic boarding schools. An educational consultant can play a vital role in helping families find a treatment program that can help their loved ones and restore the broken bonds that can occur in families under the stress of addiction, dependency and similar issues. The best place to find a qualified educational consultant is through the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA).

What We Do

Educational Evaluation: When a client is ready to enter the Northbound Academy, the first step is an educational evaluation, which helps us identify strengths and weaknesses and is critical to determining educational objectives, choices and plans. Our Academic Director conducts a thorough educational evaluation with every student who enters the program in order to make a determination about his or her progress in treatment, stability, and potential school schedule.

Testing: We administer an Enhanced Career Inventory test to every client who enters our program. The results of this test are useful in helping the student determine what his or her career goals and aspirations may be. Our Educational Director then carefully reviews the results with each client, seeking input and further insight into the student’s own hopes and plans. When appropriate, our psychologists might recommend additional academic and psychological testing to further develop a student’s strengths and weaknesses, such tests may also be called on to determine if any learning disabilities are present.

Contact: The Northbound Academy Staff works with both the educational consultant and the client’s family to consider the full range of educational possibilities for every student. In this way, we can be sure that everyone concerned has access to all of the most pertinent information as we move forward in developing plans for treatment and future schooling.