Life Skills

Students at Northbound Academy learn how to manage their time, budget, study and more.

Because we are dedicated to giving all of our students the tools they need for a healthy and successful life, one of the most important components of the Northbound Academy is the development of Life Skills. Students at Northbound Academy learn how to manage their time, budget, study and more. We help them develop study skills and learn how to research and write papers. We assist them in managing their time when an exam is approaching and help them organize study groups. Our primary aim is to teach our students how easy school can be when their time is managed efficiently.

Many of our students in the Northbound Academy choose to relocate to the Orange County area and continue their schooling even after discharge from the program. Continuing our dedication to the development of real life skills, we help each student find an apartment in the area, develop living contracts with their sober roommates, and learn how to set and live within a budget.

life skills and recovery

Our goal is to make the transition from monitored treatment to independent living as easy and seamless as possible. As the time for discharge nears, we set our students up for success, ensuring that everything is in place for discharge from Northbound Academy: clients are registered for the next school semester, they are on track for their respective degrees and that they have a detailed recovery schedule when they leave us.

We often require former Northbound Academy students to check-in with us frequently even after they leave so that we can help them work on transfer applications, make sure they are staying on track in their recovery and help them with any assignments they may be having difficulty with.

Learning through Helping Others

Teaching our students life skills also means teaching them about the virtues of charity and compassion. Trish Buenzli, a Case Manager with Northbound Academy, recently introduced the Northbound Academy and LINKS to Second Harvest of Orange County, a local food bank. Northbound has made a commitment to Second Harvest to help sort food in their new 121,000 square foot facility on the first Wednesday of every month. Of course, we practice what we preach—in addition to current clients, Northbound encourages all staff to attend as well!

There are over 161,000 individuals who go hungry every day in Orange County and forty percent of those who go hungry are children. Northbound is honored to be teaming with Second Harvest to help alleviate hunger in an area that has been a beautiful and friendly home to us and so many of our clients.

In recognition of the many psychological and spiritual benefits of helping the less fortunate, Northbound Academy and LINKS plan to make volunteering at Second Harvest a permanent part of our clients’ treatment programs. In the effort to continue the lesson and good work, Northbound would like to introduce clients to community outreach and encourage the continuation of volunteering involvement in their own home communities.

Northbound has also made a commitment to several other events sponsored by Second Harvest. Please contact Admissions if you have any questions regarding the volunteering or other volunteering opportunities in the Orange County area.

At Northbound, we believe strongly that teaching our clients the practical skills they need to live a healthy and productive life will increase their chances at success and sobriety. We’d love to share more about the Northbound difference with you and help you learn more about how we can help you or your loved one. If you have any questions about the Northbound Academy and what it can do for your family, please feel free to call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.