SPICE and Drug and Alcohol Treatment – The New Epidemic

Posted February 11, 2010 at 5:56 pm

Spice is supposed to be a mixture of “herbs,”but studies have been unable to prove that the herbs listed on the package are actually in the substance.  Spice is sold in head shops across the country.  Spice is legal and at this point in time, extremely difficult to detect in urine.  Further examination of the drug by scientists has found that the main ingredient in Spice is a synthetic Cannabinoid that German scientists have since listed as an illegal substance.  Other countries have followed suit and banned the substance, or substances, found in Spice.

At this time, drug and alcohol treatment facilities across the United States are struggling with controlling this legal form of marijuana.  Clients within drug rehabs across the United States are smoking Spice on a daily basis and drug rehabs are scrambling to find ways to detect the substance in urinalysis tests.

At NTS, we have done our own research in to the drug Spice and found ways to detect it in Urinalysis testing.  We have also researched the different ways Spice is packaged and what it looks like so that we know what we are looking for when we search client’s belongings and person.  Since becoming more adept at detecting and finding the drug Spice,  we are now much better at controlling its abuse in our drug rehab.

Spice is a drug, and like many substances that began as a legal substance, Spice will most likely be banned in the United States soon, but right now it is a big problem in drug rehabs all across the United States.

People in residential and primary drug rehabs and treatment centers across America who do not want to be sober find ways to beat urinalysis tests and spend enormous amounts of time finding drugs that are undetectable in common urinalysis tests so that they can continue to get high without consequence.  The first step for drug rehabs is to become highly aware of the situation.  Word has not fully spread across the country, but as soon as one person in a drug rehab finds the drug Spice, it will permanently effect the entire drug treatment community forever, because the information will be passed down to newer residents, and so on, and so on…

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