Northbound Healing Options

Northbound Treatment Services’ intensive treatment is designed to meet the unique needs of any individual. Our residential drug and alcohol rehab is a totally immersive experience that gives individuals an opportunity to shut out the distractions of the outside world and focus solely on their recovery. A hildrelient shares, “Concentrating on getting well was exactly what I needed. I thought I could do it on my own. But I just couldn’t stay sober for even two days on my own.”

We offer many levels of affordable drug treatment in Orange County to fit your individual needs.

Treatment generally begins with our 30-Day program, creating a solid foundation for a successful recovery from alcohol and drug addictions. A series of assessments and a thorough individualized treatment plan provide the groundwork for long-term recovery. This is the most intensive treatment regiment at Northbound. Clients work a gender-specific, 12-Step treatment program and focus on underlying issues fueling their addiction.


phase system treatment option

Research has proven that continuing the recovery process in an extended care program, which we call Phase II and III at NTS, leads to the best chance at long-term sobriety.

90 Days – Extended Care Treatment – Phase II and III

Our Extended Care Program allows clients to fully address all their issues and obtain a strong foundation in their recovery. Clients in extended care have most likely have completed an inpatient 30-Day program either with us, or at another primary facility before entering our Phase II and III.

This program is benefits clients in the following ways:

The Sober Academy

Northbound Treatment Services is proud to offer one of the most innovative and effective treatment modalities in the addiction treatment industry: Northbound Academy. The program combines college classes with traditional drug and alcohol addiction treatment and is specifically designed for the young adult desiring to start, continue, or re-enter the collegiate environment. A client shares, “I was so busy with treatment and school that drugs never entered my mind. Attending college kept me on the right track.”

The Transitional Program – Intensive Sober Living

Our nationally renowned Transitional Program is designed to help clients transition back into the mainstream of life. Clients are assisted in their active search for employment and working within an indicated period of time. The program is ideal for professionals who cannot participate in our day drug and alcohol treatment program because of occupational responsibilities or family obligations, but still need to live in a sober environment. The program also provides an excellent transitional environment for clients completing the Extended Care Program.

Outpatient Treatment – The RAP Center

The Outpatient Program at Northbound is administered at our state certified outpatient clinic, the RAP (Recovery Achievement Program) Center. The Outpatient Program RAP Center Program is our longest standing and most recognized treatment program. The treatment program occurs four nights per week, has an elaborate system of checks and balances and is designed to be a comprehensive program. Many clients who already reside in the Orange County, California area choose the Northbound IOP program. The RAP center serves as our outpatient drug and alcohol treatment component in our continuum of care and thus is a frequent aftercare option for clients completing a more intensive treatment program.

90-Day Outpatient Day Program

This program is ideal for people who live in the area, are able to find their own transportation to and from Northbound, and need a more intensive level of treatment than our Outpatient Night Program offers. This program includes everything our signature 90-Day program offers, but clients are responsible for their own living arrangement.

Aftercare Monitoring – 1 Year

We utilize an excellent, technologically advanced aftercare monitoring program that tracks a person’s progress after treatment for one year. A monitoring program can hold the participant accountable for their own actions while helping develop responsibility for one’s sobriety. Monitoring provides assurance to family members, employers or others involved; and provide involved participants with a higher success rate in achieving long term sobriety.

Family Program

The Northbound Family Program is a monthly program designed to help families repair relationships destroyed by drug and alcohol abuse. More on NTS Family Treatment and Support Program

Psychological Services

We offer a variety of psychological services for the all clients and for people in the Orange County area who are in need of psychological services. We immerse clients in a therapeutic environment, designing a treatment plan with goals to maximize each individual’s path to recovery. More on NTS Mental Health and Psychological Evaluation and Treatment Services

Court Services Orange County CA

Many people have legal issues as a result of their drinking and/or drug use. Northbound staff specialize in helping our clients resolve their legal issues by providing services that will satisfy even the strictest court requirements. More on NTS Court and Probation Approved Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services…

Affordable Drug Treatment Services – Financial Assistance Available

NTS strives to makes its treatment services affordable by offering financial assistance to those who qualify. We work with an independent loan organization called Clark Behavioral Health Financing. Loans can cover some or all of the cost of our treatment programs. There are several types of loans to choose from with competitive rates and interest deferral for up to 6 months with no prepayment penalties or cancellation fees.

 How to Begin

Now that you’ve read about the unique Phase system and complementary drug and alcohol treatment services provided by Northbound, it’s up to you to take that first step toward recovery.  The counselors at Northbound are highly experienced with all types of substance abuse problems, so whether you are in need of addiction treatment, dual diagnosis treatment, or any other kind of safe haven where you can find help for your addiction, we can help.

The process is simple.  Our offices are staffed with trained professionals 24/7 to respond to your call.  You may contact us at 866-401-2030 to arrange for a staff member to conduct a clinical assessment with you, to be done either in person or over the phone.  Once we have ascertained the type and duration of treatment that would be best for your particular case, you will meet a member of the Admissions Staff to discuss payment options; we accept various kinds of insurance, and in addition we maintain relationships with lenders and non-profit organizations, including Clark Behavioral Health Financing, that may be able to offer aid.

Successful treatment of drug and alcohol addiction does not happen overnight, and we are here to help you through every step of that process.  Our goal is to help our clients remain sober for one full year.  To promote this goal, we have a variety of monitoring programs to aid our clients as they gradually shake off the burden of drug or alcohol addiction.