Orange County Detox

The detox period can be both difficult and dangerous, and requires the oversight of a skilled and experienced team.

The detox period can be both difficult and dangerous, and requires the oversight of a skilled and experienced team. At Northbound Treatment Services, we ensure that drug detox and alcohol detox takes place under the watchful eye of our experienced clinical team and prepares the client for a successful extended treatment program. Our Orange County Detox provides an ideal environment for beginning the journey to recovery.

We understand that the detoxification process can be extremely challenging for many of our clients, however we strive to provide the best possible detox program for every client who walks through our doors. As a part of our continuum care program, Northbound maintains oneEIGHTY; a fully licensed drug and alcohol detox center that is available to any client who meets the criteria for sub-acute residential detoxification prior to continuing to the next level of treatment. While in our Orange County detox program, our clinical team will monitor the client’s progress until he or she is prepared to join one of our residential treatment tracks. The Northbound team is committed to providing our clients with:

  • The use of the most recent and advanced industry research in the design of each client’s detox plan
  • Attention to each client’s needs
  • Supervision of health conditions associated with the detox process
  • Management of prescription medications by the client’s physician

The alcohol detox and drug detox process can be incredibly trying for our patients, and physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms can make for a challenging recovery. However, our professional and compassionate staff members will help our clients navigate this phase of their recovery with grace and dignity. Our skilled and experienced professionals ensure that detox from alcohol and drugs is possible for every client that enters the Northbound facility. In order to assist in the detox process and provide a comfortable and nurturing environment for our clients, Northbound’s confidential Orange County Detox offers a luxurious setting for recovery, including:

  • A fully staffed home
  • Groups and activities
  • Healthy meals
  • Beautiful setting
  • Safety and comfort

Detox and Dual Diagnosis

Detox Center, Detox ProgramMany of our clients present with a dual diagnosis, which refers to the presence of one or more co-occurring disorders (generally speaking, this would be the presence of addiction along with a mental illness, such as depression or anxiety). For the client with a dual diagnosis, detox can present its own unique challenges. At Northbound our clinical staff is experienced in the treatment of co-occurring disorders and prepared to help the client work through these difficulties. In Joshua House, our safe and comfortable setting, we are able to provide the best environment for those with a dual diagnosis, where supervision is conducted 24 hours a day. This secure setting and the provision of around-the-clock care allow Northbound to provide the best possible treatment for our clients, giving them the best chance for a sustained and successful recovery.

The Northbound Difference

At Northbound, our primary goal embraces both making our clients comfortable during the detox process as well as providing the care and concern that allows us to foster a relationship with them. In this way, we can ease the transition into the next phase of treatment and create an environment of trust and hope that will help them succeed. Our staff will continue to provide updates to the client’s family throughout the detoxification process, building a relationship that will help both client and family address issues in a positive way that will promote recovery.