Full Continuum Care

Substance abuse treatment, substance treatment facility

Northbound Treatment Services offers a full continuum of care, allowing our clients to remain in the same therapeutic setting while they create a solid foundation for recovery.

Those experienced in treating addiction, especially addiction co-occurring with mental illness, know that providing a safe, comforting and stable environment that allows access to the full spectrum of treatment methodologies is important to the healing process. Northbound Treatment Services offers a full continuum of care, allowing our clients to remain in the same therapeutic setting while they create a solid foundation for recovery. At Northbound, we believe that long-term care works and we make use of extensive clinical programming to support the following programs:


The OneEIGHTY Program offers sub-acute residential detox services, behavioral detox and medical observation for adult men and women at our beautiful and serene 13 bed facility. The facility is staffed 24 hours a day by our highly trained doctors, nurses and clinicians who specialize in detoxification and stabilization.

Men’s CORE

The Men’s CORE Program offers gender specific individual and group therapies, psychiatric evaluation and monitoring, counseling, education, activities and 12-step programs. Our experience has shown us that it is important for men to work out their issues among other men in a comfortable and nurturing setting and without the distraction that can come from sharing the facility with female residents.

Women’s CORE

Substance abuse treatment, substance treatment facilityIn our Women’s CORE Program we provide a safe and supportive environment where our female staff nurtures emotional growth and helps our clients cope with their addictions, while addressing the underlying causes. Groups, 12-step meetings and activities are all female-specific and our philosophy of creating a comforting and secure woman-centered environment extends to our case-managers, who are also all female.

Northbound Academy

The Northbound Academy combines higher education and traditional twelve-step drug and alcohol treatment. This program is specifically designed for the young adult desiring to start, continue or re-enter the collegiate environment or become a certified drug and alcohol counselor.


Substance abuse treatment, substance treatment facilityLINKS is our faith-based Christian Program, effectively combining spiritual healing with a traditional 12-step program. In the LINKS Christian Program we use both faith and traditional substance abuse treatment methods to address the problems in a person’s life and help them overcome the bondage of addiction through Christ’s love and power.


The Bridge Program is our work-based transitional living program. This program is designed to help clients transition back into the mainstream of life and re-enter the workforce. The program is a natural progression out of our CORE treatment programs and is also ideal for working professionals who need substance abuse treatment and support with continued recovery.


The IOP program is our longest running program and has helped thousands of people recover from the damage caused by alcohol and drug addiction. The program takes place four nights per week, includes a wide-ranging system of checks and balances and is designed to be a comprehensive program for people living in the Orange County area.


Northbound Support is our ongoing monitoring program. The key to Northbound Support is accountability. Through a series of check-ins, urinalysis testing, meeting cards and supervision, we help clients maintain their sobriety after they leave the Orange County area and re-enter normal life.