Christian-based Links Program

Combining Spiritual Healing with 12-Step Rehabilitation

  • Helping clients obtain sobriety and spiritual healing from a Christian perspective
  • Encouraging the maintenance of a sober lifestyle
  • Winning the struggle with substance abuse

Vital Hope

Through our program, we base our clients’ ability to overcome their addiction with the provision of God’s love and power. As a result, we integrate faith into every aspect of the process, which allows us to provide vital hope to our clients and their loved ones. To help ground this vital hope, we ensure that our clients are receiving the skill set developed through the 12-Step program combined with a strong, spiritual focus.


An example of how our Christian LINKS program utilizes both the 12-Step program and the Bible is displayed through our clients’ utilization of the steps themselves and their combined belief in God. For example, step four of the 12-Step program is to make a list of all the persons that our client has harmed through the addictive behaviors. As they circle around to step eight, they will then be asked to make amends with those listed in step four. If a client is unwilling to make amends with a person on their list, he or she is directed to use prayer to ask God for the willingness to do so.

How We Can Help You

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We know that a majority of rehab programs focus on treating the physical, mental and emotional aspects of an individual’s disease, however we recognize that some individuals find their connection to God and their spiritual beliefs to be the main driver behind their recovery. That is why we utilize the Christian LINKS program to help our clients striving to achieve their recovery through Christianity. Aside from our devotion to Christ-centered therapy, we are aware of the importance of traditional treatment models that meet our clients’ specific needs as well. We offer gender-specific programs, family programs and individual programs that can help treat clients’ addiction as a supplement to the Christian LINKS program.

In addition to these benefits, our Christian-based program also provides our clients with the following:

  • Full continuum care
  • 30-day primary treatment
  • 90-day extended care
  • Wide range of assorted therapies

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