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Family Program at Living Sober

Living with a family member who is struggling with a substance abuse problem can cause a numerous amount of interpersonal issues, including communication breakdowns, loss of trust and pent up frustrations. When an addicted loved one chooses to get help, his or her family can also benefit from treatment to help reestablish family bonds

Every month, Northbound offers a Family Program designed to help families repair their relationships that have suffered damage as a result of a loved one’s substance abuse. During this four day long program, families will participate in group counseling, lectures and Al-Anon meetings. Through engaging in this program, families can start educating themselves on the root of addiction as well as begin the process of reconnecting with their loved one.

The Northbound Family Program Addresses:

  • Codependency
  • Family Roles
  • Medical Disease Model of Addiction
  • Healthy Communication
  • Family Recovery

Scott and Jenny Graham of Carefrontations lead the Family Support Groups portion of the program while nationally acclaimed addiction speaker Dr. Kevin McCauley leads a number of lectures covering the disease of addiction.

Our program provides:

  • Healing time for families
  • How to avoid being trapped by manipulation
  • Focus on personal care
  • Opportunity to meet with Case-Manager and Therapist
  • Structured time with loved one in treatment

The Northbound Family Program is among the best available treatment options for families in this particular situation. It is included in our comprehensive fee, and depending on availability, will be reserved for those who would benefit most from participation. During this process, Northbound with enlist the aid of additional therapists and addiction treatment experts to help bring the family back together.

Northbound has partnered with the Hyatt Newport Beach and The Balboa Bay Club to provide discounted room rates while attending the family program or visiting yoru loved one.

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