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At Northbound Treatment Services, we are committed to providing high-quality, compassionate care that takes into account the individual needs of our clients.

At Northbound Treatment Services, we are committed to providing high-quality, compassionate care that takes into account the individual needs of our clients. In order to meet those needs, we have developed gender specific treatment programs that provide a safe and empathetic environment for men and women to find healing and change their lives.

Research has demonstrated that—despite the fact that those who suffer from addiction share certain commonalities—both men and women experience substance abuse differently. In addition, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has found a positive correlation between attending a gender-specific program and successful long-term sobriety. Based on this evidence of the success of gender specific programs, Northbound offers both a men’s and a women’s CORE treatment program, in which our skilled and experienced clinical team provides top-of-the-line treatment in a structured, yet supportive, environment.

screencaps.psd 2 300x168 Gender Specific Programs  photoThe primary mission of our gender specific treatment is to offer rehabilitation services where the participants are both challenged and helped on their journey to sobriety in a nurturing and respectful environment. Single gender treatment programs are especially beneficial for those who might feel uncomfortable in a mixed gender setting. There are many ways in which a single gender program can create an atmosphere that encourages participants to be more open and active in their recovery:

  • Sensitive issues are discussed with peer support
  • Topics are discovered that may be overlooked in mixed groups
  • “Attraction distraction” is not an issue
  • Same-sex supportive
  • Peer support safety
  • Gender neutral trust
  • Emotionally secure environment
  • Friendship, trust and bonding

Not only do men and women experience addiction differently, but their treatment process and challenges can differ greatly as well. Northbound recognizes the diverse ways in which men and women respond to the recovery process, which is why we put significant focus on treating each gender separately. For example, it is common for men in recovery to have problems with depression or anger management, while women commonly battle trauma and social issues. Northbound’s gender specific programs provide the best way to help our patients address their most pressing issues in a safe and understanding environment from the very first day of their treatment.

In addition, we understand that difficulties in gender based communication and experience aren’t limited to those in the treatment program, and that many of our clients may require additional therapy with family or loved ones of a different gender as well. Therefore, we make sure to incorporate marriage and family therapy into our program as needed. Not only does this help heal the individual and the family as a whole, but it also provides participants with life-long friends and confidants who can become part of their support network on leaving our program.

At Northbound Treatment Services, we have long recognized that successful long-term sobriety requires a customized treatment plan that accounts for the clients physical, spiritual and emotional needs. Our gender based treatment programs continue our mission to respect the dignity and individuality of every client as we help them toward a healthy, sober life.

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