Treatment Programs

Northbound Treatment Services’ intensive treatment is designed to meet the unique needs of any individual. Our residential drug and alcohol rehab is a totally immersive experience that gives individuals an opportunity to shut out the distractions of the outside world and focus solely on their recovery. A resident shares, “Concentrating on getting well was exactly what I needed. I thought I could do it on my own. But I just couldn’t stay sober for even two days on my own.”

We offer many levels of affordable drug treatment in Orange County to fit your individual needs.

Residential Treatment

Treatment generally begins with our 30-Day program, creating a solid foundation for a successful recovery from alcohol and drug addictions. A series of assessments and a thorough individualized treatment plan provide the groundwork for long-term recovery. This is the most intensive treatment regiment at Northbound. Clients work a gender-specific, 12-Step treatment program and focus on underlying issues fueling their addiction.

  • Detox (OneEighty)

    Fully licensed drug and alcohol addiction detox center with full staff on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week

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  • Residential Treatment

    Individuals have the time to get at root causes of disease, especially important for those who have been through multiple treatment programs.

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  • Men’s (CORE)

    Male specific treatment program offering greater comfort and privacy

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  • Women’s (CORE)

    Female specific treatment program offering greater comfort and privacy

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  • Christian-based (LINKS)

    Effectively combines spiritual healing and traditional 12-Step rehabilitation

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  • Collegebound

    The program combines college classes with traditional drug and alcohol addiction treatment and is specifically designed for the young adult desiring to start, continue, or re-enter the collegiate environment.

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  • Careerbound

    Ideal for working professionals who require treatment. Tailored around client’s work schedule

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The tools you need to be the best you can be.

Outpatient & Support

  • Outpatient Programs (OP)

    The treatment program occurs four nights per week, has an elaborate system of checks and balances and is designed to be a comprehensive program.

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  • Support (Long term monitoring)

    We utilize an excellent, technologically advanced aftercare monitoring program that tracks a person’s progress after treatment for one year. A monitoring program can hold the participant accountable for their own actions while helping develop responsibility for one’s sobriety. Monitoring provides assurance to family members, employers or others involved; and provide involved participants with a higher success rate in achieving long term sobriety. A series of check-ins, urinalysis testing, meeting cards & supervision to help clients maintain their sobriety

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  • Alumni Recovery Services & Community

    A dynamic & vibrant organization maintaining a bridge between Northbound, its alumni, & families

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  • Family program

    The Northbound Family Program is a monthly program designed to help families repair relationships destroyed by drug and alcohol abuse.

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  • Children’s program

    Support programs for children of exposed substance abuse

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I am very happy that I came here – it saved my life. I always wanted to get clean, but never had the motivation. Northbound somehow gave me the motivation


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