90 Day Extended Care

90 Day Extended Care

At Northbound, we provide a variety of different forms of extended care treatment, however our industry-leading 90-day treatment plan allows our clients to develop a stronger foundation in their recovery than would a 30-day treatment program alone.

Designed to follow an initial 30-day program completed with us or with another facility, our 90-day program is most beneficial to those clients who have experienced multiple treatment programs prior to entering our extended program, as it exposes them to the many phases of our overall treatment process. These phases are approximately as follows:

  • Phase I = 30 Days
  • Phase II = 30 Days
  • Phase III = 30 Days

The completion of all 3 phases will total a complete 90-Day extended care stay for our clients. During these phases, clients will benefit from the following

  • Individualized treatment plan
  • Easier transition to sober living
  • Development of connections with other clients and therapeutic alliances with staff
  • Identifying and clarifying pressing issues
  • Participation in individual and group therapy
  • Exposure to Master’s or Doctoral degree certified professionals
  • Partnership with a therapist specializing in the client’s personal needs

In addition to these many benefits, clients will also participate in targeted group therapy exercises and additional therapeutic activities. As a supplement, clients will also engage in an individual treatment session once a week with both their therapist and case manager. During these individual therapy sessions, a comfortable environment in provided where emotions can be spoken about freely in efforts to encourage the healing process. Participation in these processes can allow for successful completion of all three phases.

How 90-Day Treatment Can Help You

The first 90 days of recovery are often filled with challenges, however the process as a whole has proven to be highly successful. During this time, clients come face-to-face with their issues and how they have impacted their lives and those of others. Every Northbound therapist and case manager is highly educated on addiction and recovery, allowing for clients to receive the utmost professional care throughout the process of 90-day care. Not only will our team of professionals work with our clients to help them develop strong coping skills and communication, but they will also work with his or her family to ensure that they are prepared to follow in the footsteps of their loved one’s individualized treatment plan as they move forward into sober living. These high standards and phase goals have been developed by experienced clinicians, all of which have received positive feedback for their attentive and effective level of client care. With the help of the staff, determination of our clients and the application of proven research, Northbound’s 90-Day treatment program can help build the foundation needed to live a sober life.