Chemical Dependency Services

Northbound Treatment Services is a leading provider of chemical dependency services for the past twenty years.
When you’re looking for chemical dependency services, you want a facility that combines experience with progress and compassion with challenge. With Northbound Treatment Services, you’ll see all that and more.

The more we learn about the distinctive pathology and progression of chemical dependency issues, the clearer it is that a world-class treatment program is needed to help those who need it most. That knowledge, combined with our efforts to remain on the cutting edge of treatment programs and methodologies have made Northbound Treatment Services a leading provider of chemical dependency services for over twenty years.

What Is Chemical Dependency?

Chemical dependency occurs when a person has become physically and/or psychologically dependent on a mood-altering substance such as opiates, benzodiazepines, cocaine or alcohol. As the use of these substances continues, the user begins to develop a tolerance for the drug, which requires the continual use of higher quantities of the substance to achieve the desired effects. When this cycle of use develops, it becomes critical for that user to seek treatment in order to begin overcoming what has become a dependency issue.

How Northbound Can Help

We know that stepping forward to begin a treatment process for chemical dependency is not easy for either the user or his or her family—and it if because of this that we work to include families in the decision-making process. At Northbound we allow the family to help decide upon the best possible treatment for their loved one.

In fact, we leave no stone unturned in our effort to create a treatment plan that gives our clients the best chance for a successful recovery. Our clinical approach to treating chemical dependency issues also draws upon research conducted through neuroscience and cognitive behavioral therapies, which aid us in consistently providing the most effective research-based care for our clients. In addition, our chemical dependency services also provide our clients with:

  • Nationally recognized clinicians
  • Long-term solutions for treating addictive behaviors
  • A12-Step foundation
  • Appropriate medication monitoring
  • A world-class clinical staff
  • Unique outpatient treatment options
  • Gender-specific treatment

From Stabilization to Graduation

chemical dependencyWhen chemical dependency treatment begins, clients will be exposed to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, such as getting a proper amount of rest, eating well, exercising and participating in positive and stimulating activities. They will also begin working with therapists to address emotional conflicts and personal issues linked to their dependency problems in ways that allow clients to develop positive coping skills and a greater awareness of their disease.

As the process continues and clients prepare to complete our program, they’ll know that they have been offered the best possible care for their chemical dependency issues. Their life is now theirs to live, and with the partnership of Northbound, they are able to do so in a healthy, positive and sober way.

For those struggling with chemical dependency, it is possible to find a nurturing and compassionate treatment program founded on an understanding of the science of addiction and the experience that can only come after decades of helping people achieve sobriety. If you or someone you love is trapped in the cycle of chemical dependency, don’t wait. Contact Northbound today and take the first steps toward living sober.