Transitional Programs

Our transitional living program is designed to continue the care received in treatment and prepare clients for life after treatment ends.

The days and weeks that follow the end of formal treatment are a precarious time for the individual in recovery. Successful long term sobriety beckons, but is still unfamiliar, and there are many new lessons that the client is still processing. To help our clients navigate this period between treatment and sober living, Northbound offers our transitional programs.

Transitional living programs provide clients with counseling, group meetings and medication management that aid in the continuation of the progress they’ve made during treatment. In addition to these services, our transitional program offers:

  • Continued educational seminars
  • Certified living environments
  • Continued therapy and psychiatric services
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • 12-Step meeting monitoring

Because every Northbound client is unique, these services are recommended on an as-needed basis. In order to meet the individual needs of our clients as they enter this transitional period, Northbound creates a customized program arrangement that will give them the best chance for successful long term sobriety.

How Transitional Programs Work

Drug Rehab servicesOur transitional program is designed to continue the care received in treatment and prepare clients for life after treatment ends. To meet this goal of helping clients reintegrate into the real world, the program teaches life skills, helps with job placement and offers continued therapeutic services and 12-Step participation. Northbound’s transitional program not only provides help and support for those who have completed treatment in our facility, but it can also be a lifeline for those whose personal obligations required them to seek outpatient treatment or a similar option:

“I’m a single dad and my daughter is my world. Getting treatment while living at home with my daughter was exactly what I needed to stay clean.” – John S.

Backed By Research

Research has shown that the more time a former addict devotes to the development of his or her sobriety, the more likely it is that their health will continue and their recovery be successful. Northbound builds upon these findings through our multi-faceted transitional program, which challenges the client to continue his progress and provides the support he needs to do so. Our clients succeed not just because they have changed their lifestyle, but also because they have the assistance of our dedicated team of professionals. Throughout the transitional phase, Northbound’s skilled and experienced staff aids our clients in:

  • Recognizing signs of relapse behaviors
  • Teaching life skills
  • Offering support and counseling
  • Assisting clients in utilizing the local recovery community

The transitional program at Northbound focuses on providing clients with the opportunity to continue to learn and grow, and helps them make the social connections that will be the basis of their support network. In addition, clients in our transitional program will also continue their recovery work in 12-Step meetings.

Because we seek to help the client become active in the everyday world, the program encourages clients to rejoin the workforce and offers assistance in resume writing, filling out job applications and job placement. Northbound’s transitional living program provides a caring environment for our clients, from which we are able to bear witness to their success as they reintegrate into the workplace, home and more.

Through Northbound’s transitional living program, we are able to give our clients the help and support they need to begin a new, healthy and sober life. To see if transitional living is right for you, contact us to obtain more information.

Northbound’s transitional program can be a critical source of comfort, guidance and support in a tumultuous time. Participants in the program often find that the program has helped them grow on a personal level, as they apply the positive coping skills they’ve learned and find support from their loved ones.

If you are interested in getting the help you need during the days following treatment, Northbound is here for you. Click HERE to find out more about our transitional programs and how they can help you achieve your goal of long term health and sobriety.