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At Northbound Treatment Services, our mission is “To assist our clients in celebrating one year of continuous sobriety.” We believe wholeheartedly in the power of recovery, and in every individual’s capacity to make beneficial, lasting changes in their lives. Through innovative treatment modalities, individualized treatment plans, a full continuum of care, exceptional staff, and a strong alumni support program, we work with clients and families to make the exquisite transformation of recovery possible. Our clients build trusting, honest, respectful relationships with staff and experience what it means to shift their life in a positive direction.

Our facilities, located in the heart of Southern California and St. Louis’s vibrant recovery communities, provide clients myriad opportunities for In Vivo® (in real life) experiences through which they may grow and solidify their recovery. Clients can enter our comprehensive continuum of care at any point along their recovery journey (be that detox, inpatient, or outpatient treatment) and find the support and motivation necessary to succeed. Most staff members’ lives have been personally touched by addiction, and many are living in recovery themselves, giving the Northbound team a deep and personal understanding of the challenges and triumphs of recovery and treatment. There is no status quo at Northbound – everyone works together toward a lifelong commitment to sobriety and well-being.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction or dual diagnosis, you have come to the right place. Northbound’s full continuum of care encompasses everything from detox to aftercare, and provides personalized treatment plans to optimize your experience and results. Life in recovery is possible and is absolutely worth it.

Our Philosophy

Addiction is not a moral failing or lack of willpower. It is a primary, progressive, chronic and potentially fatal disease centered in the brain. Oftentimes it is impacted by co-occurring mental health conditions as well as environmental factors. Addiction is a vicious cycle that is difficult to break without professional treatment. The staff at Northbound are experts in interrupting this cycle.

Northbound believes in recovery. We believe in transparency and honesty; and we believe that through our proven continuum of care, clients can be successful in overcoming addiction and maintaining sobriety. Treatment encompasses biological, social, spiritual and psychological interventions that align with client needs as they progress through each phase of treatment.

Our treatment programs are rooted in evidence-based therapies, our innovative In Vivo® model of care, and the principles of the 12 Steps. Our clients engage in gender-specific, holistic treatment and work closely with an interdisciplinary treatment team to customize their care and provide support along each step of the way.

Start Your Journey to Recovery with Northbound

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Our Clinical Team

The staff at Northbound is a dynamic, passionate, highly trained team composed of the top individuals in their respective fields. Northbound maintains an impressive 1:1 staff-to-client ratio, one of the highest in the industry.

Licensure and Accreditation

Northbound is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) and is a member of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP).

Customizable Treatment Programs

Everyone’s experience with addiction is different. At Northbound, clients are able to find the path to recovery that works best for them. With a menu of options, treatment planning and program placement is flexible and adaptable to each individual’s needs and goals. Our clients will work with a case manager and therapist to monitor their progress and determine the next steps in their journey. Northbound recognizes that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to addiction recovery, and clients are empowered to be an integral part of the decision making process.

Real World Opportunities

Northbound’s innovative In Vivo® (or “in life”) model of treatment centers around giving clients appropriate opportunities to experience the joys, challenges, stresses, and successes of “real life” while within our supportive treatment environment. Our clients gain more independence and are challenged to engage more fully in real life activities and pursuits as they progress through our program and grow in their recovery. They are gradually given opportunities to attend classes at local colleges or trade schools, re-enter the workforce, enjoy community events or concerts, and use cell phones and laptops. As individuals encounter challenges in daily life, they have the support and guidance of the Northbound staff and community to overcome these obstacles and develop healthier coping mechanisms. Through this model, our clients realize that they do have the strength and skills to make positive choices. This gradual independence helps to ease the transition back into society, builds self-efficacy and confidence, and enables clients to develop a fulfilling and lasting lifestyle of recovery.

Northbound meets clients where they are at in their recovery journey and empowers them to thrive. Living a life of sustained recovery is possible; Northbound can help you get there.

Start Your Journey to Recovery with Northbound

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