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Christian Drug Rehab – Orange County, California

12/15/2009 Posted by Living Sober

Orange County, California is known for its strong Christian community.  There are many famous mega-churches in Orange County, including Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church, Chuck Smith’s Calvary Chapel, and Mariner’s Church.  With the strong Christian presence in Orange County, one would think that there would be more drug and alcohol treatment facilities dedicated to helping people with drug addiction, but there are not many at all.  There is Celebrate Recovery, which is a popular and strong recovery based ministry, but inpatient Christ Based addiction treatment is lacking.  The Christian Drug Rehabs that are in existence today in Orange County are often either a traditional treatment program with a sprinkling of Christianity, or Christian boot camps with strict rules and “One Step” recovery.  Neither versions of Christian Drug Rehab are adequate to truly help someone suffering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

In recognition of the need for truly effective Christ based addiction treatment Northbound is developing the LINKS Program, a Christ based addiction treatment program dedicated to helping people recover from drug and/or alcohol addiction.  We have been developing the LINKS Christ based addiction treatment program for quite some time now, and we believe we are creating what will be a Christ based treatment program of the highest caliber.  Groups and initial programming is set to begin the first week of January, but we already have the staff, programming, and facilities in place.  We look forward to a formal Grand Opening of our new Christ based addiction treatment program called the LINKS Program soon.


Christmas Drug Rehab - Spending Christmas in Addiction Treatment

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