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team_member8Northbound Treatment Services is proud to announce the addition of Edward Kaufman, M.D. to the clinical team. Dr. Kaufman assumed the role as Northbound’s Medical Director in February 2012. The medical director position was created in response to the growth and expansion of Northound programs and the sub-acute residential detoxification services. Dr. Kaufman’s appointment further indicates the Northbound commitment to quality care and marks another milestone in the realization of Northbound’s strategic vision. Dr. Kaufman has been practicing psychiatry for over 40 years. He blends his knowledge of psychology, family systems and psychopharmacology to meet the client’s individual needs. He was a former president of the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry and Editor of the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse. Dr. Kaufman received his medical training at Jefferson University, USC and Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons. He has authored 3 books, edited 5 more, and written over 200 articles and book chapters on family therapy, alcoholism, drug addiction, anxiety and depression. He was a full professor of psychiatry at the University of California, Irvine, where he was the Director of Psychiatric Services, Residency and Medical Students Education and private alcohol/drug services.

With the addition of Dr. Kaufman Northbound has further solidified its position as the area leader for comprehensive alcohol, drug, and dual-diagnosis treatment.

Teamwork. It’s one of my favorite things about working at Northbound. The beauty of solid teamwork is that each member brings to the table a unique experience and area of expertise. The give and take of each other’s strengths contributes to a more efficient group effort. It is one of the things that I’ve found Northbound does well, and makes me confident in the work we do here. Northbound seems to find the perfect person for each position to create a robust, skilled, and diverse family of colleagues. We each have our own specific niche in the company, and when given the opportunity, we bring our skills together tocreate an experience people love. We work together to bring world-class treatment to those who need it most.

I had an opportunity to sit down with Dr. Edward Kaufman, our Medical Director, and one of the cornerstones of Northbound’s team effort. I was excited to learn about who he was beyond the job description and unmistakable dry sense of humor. There is a calm demeanor about him and a frequent smile that makes him comfortingly approachable. He could easily be described as ‘friendly’, which is refreshing when considering that he is a man with a strong reputation in his field and over 40 years of experience in psychiatry. It’s an impressive career. He was one of the founding presidents of the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry, and Editor of the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse. He has written over 200 articles and book chapters on family therapy, alcoholism, drug addiction, anxiety, and depression. He was also one of the four people who developed the board exam in addiction and psychiatry. And since the Best Doctors in America recognition began 12 years ago, he has consistently been voted by his peers to be included on the prestigious list each year. But it’s not all work-work-work with Dr. Kaufman either. He can also be found on long walks with Roy, his 65 lb golden-doodle, and living the same healthy active lifestyle and self-love that he asks his patients to practice.

As our Medical Director, Dr. Kaufman sees each and every client who admits to make sure that their medical needs are met while they are at Northbound. He is an expert when it comes to co-morbidity, and has an acute talent for assessing what medications will be most helpful as our clients begin their journey of recovery. As people get sober and get beyond their withdrawal symptoms, Dr. Kaufman continues to keep an eye on their progress. Very often, addicts are diagnosed with various psychological conditions while they were recreationally using uppers and downers. Drugs cause an addict’s moods to be all over the place; so as their systems level out, free from drugs and alcohol, someone who once needed high doses of several medications may find the need for far fewer prescriptions. This is why Northbound is so fortunate to have Dr. Kaufman on our team. He watches the progress that our clients make as they come off of medications. Some people come to us with a history of being on 25 or more medications previously; but Dr. Kaufman has the ability needed to identify the right medication a client should be taking instead of the ones that haven’t been working effectively.

When asked why he enjoys working with this population, Dr. Kaufman says, “I think compared to most psychiatry patients, when addicts get sober, their positive changes are so dramatic; I think that’s the gratifying part.” It’s his warm heart that really makes Dr. Kaufman a cut above the rest; it’s more than just finding the right medication. He practices psychiatry from a place of compassion and truly cares about each client who comes through his office. This is probably why he fits so well at Northbound. He’s been the Medical Director for the past 5 years, and thinks fondly of his time here. “It’s probably one of the most loving places I’ve ever been to,” he says as he thinks of the clinical team he interacts with on a daily basis. He’s clearly an effortless part of the Northbound family, participating in an environment of mutual love and respect. Everyone loves Dr. Kaufman. Last summer, the staff was asked to send selfies taken with each other while at work. As I started receiving the emails, I realized that Dr. Kaufman was in nearly half of the photos! Everyone wanted their picture with Dr. K. When you fit at Northbound, you just seem to fit at Northbound. Dr. Kaufman is no exception. He told me that he has truly enjoyed his five years at Northbound, but you know what Dr. Kaufman? We’ve enjoyed having you here as well. Teamwork is truly a beautiful thing.

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